Our little corner of the country gets a bad rap.  Unless it's a list with a negative connotation, it seems like every time there's a national ranking of anything, like a list of the Worst Small Towns in America, we end up at the bottom.

In my humble opinion, these lists are just like political polls - you can find one that supports what you already think.  It's called "Confirmation Bias," and it's a very real thing.  For example, if you are a dog lover, you're going to see lots of information that confirms that doggos are great for your health, happiness, and all sorts of other things because that's what you already think.

The problem with touting this survey or that study is that you will find what you're looking for.  Remember, flat-earthers have "proof" that the Earth isn't round.  If you believe in evolution, there are lots of studies to back you up - but the same is true if you don't believe.

Case in point: There's a new national ranking that totally contradicts the Wallethub  study I mentioned earlier that says Bossier city is one of the worst small towns in America.  U.S. News and World Report just released their list of the 125 Best Places to Live in the U.S. and Shreveport is #122!  And if you check out Money's annual list of the best places to live, you'll find Bossier City at #98!

Personally, I think the world of the SBC.  We've got so many friendly people, lots of great food, and tons of things to go and do with family/friends/yourself.  The point is, if you think our town(s) are crappy - you'll only see crappy things.  Basically the problem and the solution is between your ears!

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