Red River flooding has many folks on edge as more rain pummels the region. We did a check on some of the spots along the riverfront.

The Red River has topped the 31 foot mark in Shreveport. Flood stage on the Red is 30 feet and the water has overtaken several public spaces.

The Dog Park at the Stoner boat launch is under water. Bickham Dixon Park is flooded as is Hamel Memorial Park.

Here's what we found at the Dog Park:

Recent Crests on the Red River at Shreveport according to the National Weather Service:

32.39 ft on 05/04/2016
31.79 ft on 03/15/2016
31.05 ft on 06/30/2015
37.14 ft on 06/09/2015
29.45 ft on 11/01/2009

There are also concerns about rising water on Lake Bistineau. Deputies spent several hours Tuesday checking on homes, businesses and residents in South Bossier and Lake Bistineau. The National Weather Service forecasts Lake Bistineau to go to 145 by the end of this week.  The lake hit the 150 mark in the flood of 2016.

The rain that is forecast through Thursday could impact the water levels at the lake, and Sheriff Whittington and Bossier deputies, along with parish and city officials, are closely monitoring the situation to keep residents informed and safe.

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