There was a time in the not too distant past when kids were allowed to physically fight in school.  Teachers would let the kids "work it out," then take both of them to the office to work out what happened and issue the appropriate punishment (call to the parents, detention, suspension, etc.).  Now, a threat of violence is enough to get the police involved - and rightfully so.  The world seems to teeter on the edge of extreme violence, and there's no place for it in our schools.  Educators are now tasked with ending any confrontation immediately in order to completely avoid an escalation of the situation.  Unfortunately, not every teacher is on the same page.

A fight broke out between two unnamed students recently at my brother's Alma Mater, McKinney High School in Texas.  As luck would have it, there was a teacher nearby - but unfortunately he was more concerned with catching the action on his phone than ending the violence.  And because it's 2018, every kid within earshot shipped out their phones and started rolling as well.  Those videos have gotten more hits than a supermodel during fleet week!

The students in the fight have been disciplined, and so has the teacher.  As the video below shows, the unnamed teacher has been placed on administrative leave until the school district completes it's investigation.


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