Can you guess who led the FBS this college football season in receiving yards? No it wasn't a 6'5" highly recruited stud from one of those big schools you love. It wasn't a Heisman frontrunner or a future first pick in the NFL draft.

Believe it or not, it was one of our own, and someone who should be making not only Shreveport, but the entire state proud with his play.

Trent Taylor, an Evangel graduate and now Louisiana Tech football star ended this season with 1803 receiving yards. Yes, that's more than any player in college football. Yes, he did at just 5'8" and honestly, made it look easy.

While most dominant receivers dominate with pure size and speed, Trent dominates in the trenches and he always had, even when he was making high school defenders look silly on Evangel's football field.

Trent is one of, if not the best route runner in the country. He can break any set of ankles in front of him, and to make matters worse for opposing defenses, he practically never drops a pass.

This week, Trent has his eyes set on the next step, the NFL. For a 5'8" wide receiver from Louisiana Tech, the road to the NFL may be difficult, but Taylor is turning heads with his constant playmaking ability during at the Senior Bowl, despite being the smallest player at the camp.

"All my life has led up to this. This is exactly where I wanted to be at this point," Taylor told The News-Star earlier this week before arriving at the Senior Bowl. "I'm ready to keep that journey going. You can't ask for anything more to be at the Senior Bowl trying to make a name for yourself trying to make it in the NFL."

The kid is a stud, but don't just take my word for it, take Michigan's Jourdan Lewis. Lewis is an NFL caliber cornerback who was Taylor's first victim at the Senior Bowl. Lewis lined up during a 1-on-1 drill against the much smaller, 177 pounder from Louisiana and probably thought it would be easy. After the snap, Lewis found out quickly why Taylor led the FBS in receiving yards. Taylor released to the right and ran the smoothest triple-move route you'll ever see, and left Lewis asking "What the heck just happened?" Here's the clip.


Twitter exploded once again once Taylor caught a touchdown pass from Pitt's Nathan Peterman. Running a five-yard, pylon route with a diving toe-drag to seal the TD has never looked so easy.  


Expect big things at the next level from Shreveport's own Trent Taylor. Check him out during the Reese's Senior Bowl Saturday, January 28th at 1:30 PM on the NFL Network.

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