A few years ago, 99X discovered Sara X, and it changed everything. I mean, we didn't "discover" her in the sense that we showed her to the world, I mean we personally discovered her, and Puff hasn't been the same since.

When she showed up doing a Christmas dance, Puff the Grinch saw his heart grow twice in size. It was really the most magical Holiday season we've ever seen out of that boy...well at least for a week.

But maybe this year we can keep him happier longer. Someone went out of their way to make a 10 hour mix of Sara X doing her Christmas mix. Since we've outfitted the office with a bunch of flat screen TVs and internet connections, we can put this video up like Puff's personal "yule log" to keep him happy.

We're going to give it a shot, we'll let you know how it works.


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