Lawmakers in South Carolina are aiming to pull up saggy pants throughout the state.

Proposed House Bill 4957 would make it illegal for a person to "expose their skin or underwear" by wearing their pants too low. According to lawmakers, the proposed definition of sagging pants is

'three inches below the crest of his ileum' —the top of the hips.

Proposed fines for wearing saggy pants include:

-$25 for a first offense
-$50 or three hours of community service for second offense
-$75 or six hours of community service for a third or subsequent offense

According to WLTX, violations won't be considered criminal and won't "put state college or university financial assistance at risk," but some have sounded off on social media saying lawmakers should focus on more important issues in the community.


Others pointed out that other fashion trends can be just as revealing and should be addressed as well.


This debate isn't new, and this is probably not the last time you'll see a group of lawmakers propose the ban on saggy pants—but what are your thoughts on this topic?

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[via WLTX]