Spring officially arrived at 5:29am this morning when the sun was perfectly positioned over the equator.  This is known as the spring or vernal equinox.  This means that every day will be longer than the one before until we reach the summer solstice on Tuesday, June 20th.

The arrival of spring isn't as big a deal here in the South as it is in places like Minnesota where the winters are long and brutal.  But this winter was warm by Shreveport/Bossier's standards.  Even the trees were confused as they budded early which has led to an excessively bad allergy season.

Anything that sits outside for any length of time will be covered in pollen, and allergy sufferers are, well, suffering.  While grass and ragweed pollen are low, tree pollen is pushing the limits of the scale.  And the pollen forecast is dire for the next few weeks.

So pop another Claritin and say hello to Spring!


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