On Tuesday (11/29/22) Shreveport Police received a call about an elderly woman firing a gun in a residential neighborhood.

Reports say the call came in around 10 am. The initial call was about a dispute between neighbors, but things escalated to gunfire before the police could arrive. The suspect allegedly fired shots at the neighbor's vehicle.

More police were called to the scene, after it was learned that the suspect, an 80-year-old woman had locked herself inside of her home. Police set up a perimeter around the home located on Burgundy Oaks Drive in Shreveport.

After a lengthy standoff, police were able to make contact with the elderly suspect. Hours of negotiation finally lead to the surrender of the 80-year-old around 2 pm.

The suspect was detained, and transported to a hospital for evaluation.

Shreveport Police were assisted by Bossier Police. Bossier Police were able to loan their armored vehicle to assist with the standoff.

This incident is still under investigation. No names have been released and the severity of the possible charges are not known. This article will be updated as more information is forthcoming.

There were no injuries reported in this incident.

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