The Starbucks protest comes to Shreveport, but the local incident is a little different.

The controversy began in Philadelphia when 2 black men were arrested for loitering at a downtown Starbucks location. The men say they were waiting for a friend, but the manager called the police when she asked the men to leave and they would not.

Video of the arrest sparked outrage, protests and calls to boycott the chain of 28,000 Starbucks stores worldwide.

NBC in Philadelphia reports Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson called the incident "reprehensible" and also met with the two men. The men also met with Mayor Jim Kenney and Police Commissioner Richard Ross. Ross apologized to the two men and admitted he “failed miserably” in addressing the arrests in a previous video message in which he defended how police handled the incident.

I'm not sure what happened locally, but in this video, you can see a very large man with no shirt on jump onto the counter at the Starbucks on Bert Kouns near I-49. Someone captured the incident on video. The guy says something about Starbucks and racism and then pours coffee over his own head before he jumps down and then leaves.

Starbucks is set to close all of its US stores on May 29th for racial bias training in light of the incident in Philadelphia.

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