Can I get a Hallelujah from the congregation? A new study has come out that will forever change the drinking game. Is there anything worse than a hangover? As I get older, my hangovers get worse and worse. I have tried many things in the past to avoid hangovers. Normally my friends have some kind of "shot" that we all take before our drinking festivities commence and half the time they prevent a hangover. What happens when the hangover is not prevented?

A new study has found a cure that will actually work. The craziest part is this cure has been sitting in several health food stores and we have probably passed by it while shopping and had no idea God's gift to humanity was right under our nose. This secret pill is an amino acid called L-cysteine. The pill aids even the most hungover persons, it will help get rid of people's headaches and nausea after a crazy night of drinking.

We have a group of researchers from Finland to thank for this wonderful cure. Not only will this pill help you get rid of the nasty feeling of nausea it will help keep your skin, nails, and hair healthy. Can you say win-win?

You can get L-cysteine at vitamin stores and other stores like Whole Foods. Hangovers are so 2019, thanks to researchers in Finland who know the struggle.


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