Forget "Hot Girl Summer" I plan to partake in "Drunk Girl Summer". Well, that and I am gearing up for an epic week at the beach. The beach and sobriety don't really go together, do they? If they do, I am definitely not interested in your idea of a fun beach getaway.

The worst part about having an epic night with all your friends that was powered by booze is waking up to a horrid headache. A hangover puts me out for an entire day. I hate when my time is taken up like that, especially when I want to enjoy the beach. So I plan to be proactive this year. I plan to take some remedies to make sure I wake up the next day just peachy.

I recently discovered the beauty of a product called a Banana Bag. My friend swears by these, and I had a friend who is a pharmacist recommend this product. Although I have tried the Liquid IV route before this Banana Bag is a game-changer.

I used to rely on Pedialyte and Advil. However, there is an issue with that method. It's hard to drunkenly chug down an entire Pedialyte before bed. It never goes as planned for me. I reached out to some of my friends and what they swear by. Keep in mind only two of these methods were suggested by a pharmacist, the rest were courtesy of my good buddies who drink too much. Check out the 6 products that many of us rely on to wake up hangover-free.

6 Items That Will Help You Avoid a Hangover

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