The title of this blog is to address the modern day stereotype of vinyl records. I love collecting vinyl, listening to vinyl, and talking about vinyl. But my collection is made of what I like, and I like it because its good, not because its trendy, which is where most of us and hipsters find our fork in the road. Hipsters like things that suck, strictly because they’re obscure (looking at you Pitchfork). Anyway, this blog series isn’t about bashing hipsters, its about MY vinyl collection…which most hipsters would hate (because it’s too mainstream) and to that I say “Suck It Hipsters”.


When most people in 2015 think about vinyl LPs, they think of obscure bands they'd never listen to, or something a good Bob Seger album. Current rock music probably isn't the first place you'd go, and a band like Asking Alexandria probably wouldn't be in the first 200 artists you'd think of on vinyl.

But Asking Alexandria was smart enough to jump on the vinyl bandwagon in 2013 when they put out 'From Death To Destiny'. Not only did they drop a vinyl LP, they went clear-neon-green on it:


The album itself is a masterpiece. Which is makes it really interesting that vocalist Danny Worsnop decided to walk away from the group to form We Are Harlot. Musically AA was hitting on all cylinders with this album, and the quality you can get with a vinyl recording really helps bring that out. Especially between the two mixes of their breakout his "The Death Of Me".

Other highlights include "Break Down The Walls", "Killing You", "Moving On", and "Until The End" which actually features vocals from former Killswitch Engage vocalist (and current Devil You Know singer) Howard Jones.

Sites like Amazon consistently sell out of this LP, but you can find copies on Ebay pretty easy. There are different color vinyls to choose from, some pink, white, and this green one. You'll pay around $30 to get a copy, but to me, its worth it.

This is the kind of LP that can get non-vinyl folks into the world of LPs. You can find a second-hand turntable and set up pretty cheap, especially if you have family or friends who have some old gear. Once you realized how many bands in the Asking Alexandria mold (and other sub-genres) you can fall in love with vinyl collecting. It doesn't hurt that a lot of artists give you extras with LPs, like CD copies and digital downloads, makes it the most cost-effective way of buying albums.


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