I love the original Transformers.  The first (G1) Optimus Prime is the coolest of the cool when it comes to freedom-lovin', over-the-road haulin', sentient robots.  He's like John Wayne and a Peter-built Semi had a baby!  You know that inside the cab is a CB and an 8-track with Steppenwolf jamming on a loop 24-7!  I've been writing Hasbro for years trying to get them to release a version with a gnarly wizard and dragon mural on the side that transforms into a sweet tattoo on Optimus' right shoulder in robot mode.

Now you can bring home the soundtrack of the original cartoon inspired by the toy line that drained so many of our parents wallets in the 80's.  To make it even better, Hasbro themselves are releasing the soundtrack (that you most likely consumed massive amounts of cereal while listening to) on collectible, deliciously nostalgic vinyl.  The work-of-art to come is titled Hasbro Studios Presents ‘80s TV Classics: Music from The Transformers, and seems to be the first in a long line of releases aimed at our childhood.  For only 29.99, you can pick up one of 3 different versions at Think Geek.  There are Bumblebee, Optimus, and Megatron variants to choose from, while supplies last.  Since each one of the pressings is limited to just 2000, that won't be long.

Good thing I kept my record player that turns into a robot.

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