Last year, the world cried when Toys R Us made the depressing announcement that it would be closing.  I immediately thought of my baby girl, and how she would be denied the thrill of running down aisle after aisle in a toy dream come true.   It was a dark day indeed.

Then came the flicker of promise in the shape of rumors and unsubstantiated reports that the legendary toy store may make a comeback after some savvy investors wisely saved the brand.  Now, that tiny spark of hope has erupted into a full-blown inferno of emotion with the announcement that not only is Toys R Us living once again online - a partnership with Target could mean a real, brick and mortar new home for Geoffrey the Giraffe and all of his play things.

Just a couple of hours ago, the online toy store experience went live - and you can start shopping for Christmas right away thanks to Target!  The retail giant has lent technical support to the project in the form of their online checkout system.  Hopefully, this will open the door to Toys R Us taking over the toy section of a Target near us soon!

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