Beware Of Phone Scam In Bossier City
It never ceases to amaze me to what lengths criminals will go to steal money.  It seems that if they put the same amount of effort into doing something legal, they'd be successful because of sheer tenacity alone.
I don't know about you, but I've got all my phones on the national D…
Total Pwnage with New Smart Phone [VIDEO]
Sony Erikson has just turned it up a notch for you gamers that just want a phone that you can play games on. The new Xperia Play is the first Play Station certified phone that is powered by android.
It's like a psp you can talk on.  Gamers...your day has come.
The Xperia Play has not been re…
Don’t Be Duped into Dialing *72
Scam Alert!  This scam has been around for awhile, but it is making a come back. Be carefull when you answer your phone late at night, it's probably NOT a booty call.
The scam involves someone calling you usually late at night saying has been injured and they need you to foward them to the officer on…