Kids Tell The History Of Thanksgiving
Our children are our future, and we must make sure that they know the history of our world so that they may pass on that wisdom to then next generation.

Let's hope that some of these kids get a refresher course before they start passing anything down.
How To Carve A Turkey
Thanksgiving is only two days away, and soon families will gather to gobble (pun) up some delicious grub.

But all too often, when the bird is ready to be divvied up among the hungry throngs, whoever does the carving hacks at it with a dull knife to the point where it looks like turkey salad on a pl…
People Go Nuts Over Fried Turkey Testicles
As guys, we'll eat almost anything. Brew us up some cat poop coffee, toss us a stuffed cone pizza explosion; we can handle it. There is one thing we're a little weary to try, though -- mostly because it's a male issue at hand -- deep fried turkey testicles.
The Funniest Memes for Thanksgiving 2012
It's that time again. Thanksgiving -- you eat until you're sick, post endless "artsy" photos of your sweet potato gratin on Facebook and drink as much as you can so you can deal with your Uncle Rick. Before descending into pure turkey madness, purvey these memes, and perhaps the memory of …

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