It has been quite the journey for Saints QB Taysom Hill.

As a matter of fact, it was hard for me to describe him as just a quarterback. Hill is "technically" the Saints' backup quarterback, but over the years he's been a literal Swiss Army knife for the black & gold; lining up from tight end to receiver to h-back to running back to special teams to literally everything in between.

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With Drew Brees on IR with 11 fractured ribs (hopefully, we're done counting) Hill will be getting his first regular-season NFL start today against the rival Atlanta Falcons. I don't think I've ever been more intrigued to see the gameplan that head coach Sean Payton has come up with for a decision that shocked many as Jameis Winston was considered by many to be the probably #2 option behind Brees.

Regardless of what card the Saints pull out of their sleeve today, it's worth noting that Taysom Hill's journey up to this point literally has the makings of an ESPN '30 for 30' episode, and even the biggest Hill fan may not be aware of the FULL story behind how he got to this point.

There is an amazing video that tells that story (it's literally called "The Taysom Hill Story") and it was shared by Hill in a Saturday night message that fans are reacting to with lots of love.

It's a message Drew Brees also shared, calling Hill "one of the greatest men & teammate you could ever ask for."

As a Saints fan, I've learned how to celebrate the highs but also accept the lows that make the highs feel so good. As I said earlier, I'm going into today hopeful for a win but more curious to see how things play out with a genuine appreciation that Hill will finally get a shot to show us what he's got. It might not be pretty, and we shouldn't expect "Drew," but I'll be rooting for this kid either way.

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Just like last season when Drew was sidelined for weeks, it was amazing to see how the Saints galvanized into action to get wins as a team. It's time to run it back.

In the meantime, watch the full video of the Taysom Hill Story here.

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