I've got 2 kids, and I'm worried about them.  My 10 year-old has already received an introduction to good music from his old man.  Mind you, I know I am not the absolute authority on what is good and bad (no one is), but I've been playing hit music on the radio for many years now - so, I have and idea.  I am proud of my son's musical choices, he's starting to develop his own style and tastes.  While I don't necessarily love them all, I love the fact that he does.

My 1 year old is a different issue altogether.  She is starting to sing more everyday, and obviously loves music.  My wife listens to Maroon 5 and Ed Sheeran with her, and I have heard her try to sing along.  That's fine, I think both Adam Levine and the musical leprechaun make good music, I want to start her a bit earlier than that - chronologically speaking.

So far, she loves the Police, Dire Straits, and Journey.  Not "singing along," love, but definitely dancing along and smiling to some of the more "poppy" sounds.  I don't think she's into Zeppelin yet, but I'm hoping that's a phase.

If you think I'm being overbearing, I get it.  Just know that I'm trying to do better for my kids than was done for me.  When I was my son's age I liked Barry Manilow and had no idea who Ozzy Ozbourne was - it was embarrassing.  I'm just trying to avoid having that after-school special talk with my kids when I find a Nickleback T-shirt hidden in their room.

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