Never let it be said that Ted Nugent doesn't know how to make a dramatic entrance.

The Motor City Madman starts each and every one of his concerts with the intensity usually reserved for boxers in the Rocky movies or a bucking bull just released from the chute. One of our favorite examples occurs in the opening moments of his live album Full Bluntal Nugity, which was released on June 5, 2001.

The album starts with distant feedback, which grows steadily louder and louder and is then joined by an otherworldly scream by Uncle Ted. He and his band suddenly launch into about seven seconds of heavy, precise riffing, stopping just as abruptly and precisely as they began.

As the audience roars its approval, the whole process starts again, but this time Nugent jumps full speed ahead into the song, a previously unreleased instrumental called "Klstrphk." (A borderline trash metal version of the song, retitled "Klstrphnky" and now with vocals, appeared on Nugent's next studio LP, 2002's Craveman.)

Listen to Ted Nugent Perform 'Klstrphnky'

After spending a quick minute showing off his guitar skills, Nugent sets about making sure the album would need a parental advisory sticker, dropping an unholy number of f-bombs while greeting his beloved Detroit fans and thanking Sammy Hagar – sorry, "Sammy fucking Hagar" – for opening this New Year's Eve show. After a slightly more subdued guitar interlude, it's back to the opening riff, more soloing and then straight into "Paralyzed."

By no means should you stop there. With Nugent backed by bassist Marco Mendoza and former Ozzy Osbourne and Black Oak Arkansas drummer Tommy Aldridge, Full Bluntal Nugity delivers excellent versions of "Free-For-All," "Stranglehold," "Cat Scratch Fever" and many more.

Nugent's extended solo in the middle of "Wang Dang Sweet Poontang" starts off as a Chuck Berry homage before heading into Jimi Hendrix territory, and the solo acoustic version of "Fred Bear" proves he doesn't need distortion to dazzle.

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