Ladies and Gentlemen, the internet troll of the day award goes to, Texarkana Police Department! Is there anything worse than an allergy? A local police department is concerned about your health so they're offering to help you out for free.

The police department took to their facebook page to say:

"Worried that your meth is not gluten-free - or maybe contains sugar or some other unhealthy additive? Just bring it down to us this week, and we will be happy to test it for you for free. We'll even do it while you wait."

Now keep in mind if you are one of the "smart ones" who choose to get their meth tested you can wait in an Ikea styled waiting room. It's a bare room with an uncomfortable bed along with your personal little toilet.

Thank you for the laugh Texarkana Police Department! Please keep us in the loop. We definitely want to see if anyone takes you up on that gluten-free testing. That gluten allergy ain't no joke!

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