With so many reports of measles, mumps, and other preventable disease outbreaks flooding the news lately - it's a little scary.  If you have had your vaccinations, you are as safe as medical science can make you (without sticking you in a clean room and cutting you off from the rest of society).  Unfortunately, young children who have not completed their vaccination schedule are very at risk.  Now, a growing number of pediatricians in Texas are refusing to serve patients who have refused their immunizations.

My San Antonio is reporting that the official, state-wide policy on barring the un-vaccinated from receiving medical care allows for individual practices to make that decision.  The move comes after more and more parents claimed they did not want their kids in the waiting room with kids who have not received their shots.  According to the report, some offices are taking it one step further.  Not only are they unwilling to accept new patients that refuse to vaccinate, they are asking existing anti-vaxx patients to find health care elsewhere.

There are options for those who choose non-traditional (non-vaccinated) route in the Lone Star State, but those choices are becoming few and far between.

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