Out of the Red River Valley that borders Northern Texas and Southern Oklahoma comes a heaping ton of what they call "red dirt metal".  To describe "red dirt metal", it's as if Molly Hatchet, Johnny Cash and Pantera had an illegitimate freakishly huge bastard child...that rocks.  See their video after the jump.They had huge success from one of their singles called "Pissed Off and Mad About It" and to be quite honest, when Gonzo played it for me I couldn't get it out of my head.  These guys are coming in red hot from Atlanta Texas to Shreveport tonight at The River Side Warehouse joining Sumthin Sikk and My Own Legion and I'll be saving you a seat.  Find out more or get their album at http://thcoutlaw.com/.  The "Pride of Texas" is invading Louisiana tonight boys and girls and if you miss this show, I guarantee you'll be...pissed off and mad about it!

Courtesy of youtube user clarkdeal.

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