He's the MVP of Christmas, so what do we want to know most about him?

As of today (December 6), Christmas is coming in 19 days... Gulp. I know, I'm stressed about Christmas shopping as well and I'm sure Santa's brow is glistening a little as he prepares for the big day too. Jolly Ol' Saint Nick is the Most Valuable Player when it comes to Christmas (well, except for the big man upstairs), but you know what I mean. Searches involving Santa Claus have jumped exponentially in the past seven days.

So what are people asking about the man in red?

1. Who is he?

No matter how much you know about Santa, there is always a new generation to pass on the story to. A new group of sleepy-eyed kids to stay up late waiting for his big arrival, only to fall asleep halfway through the night. If you're like me, you'll want to brush up on your Santa knowledge for all of those "Why" questions from your kiddos.

2. Where is he now?

This is probably my favorite part of the holidays, tracking Santa. People have been tracking Santa's every move since Thanksgiving. Currently he is at the North Pole getting ready for the big day. He is on schedule to depart on his journey in 17 days You can track Santa through Google here.

3. FaceTime Santa

As if tracking Santa like a stalker wasn't cool enough, you can now FaceTime Santa! I believe this is the first time you have been able to do this, but you can actually call Santa and talk to him face to face. (Cue the sound of my mind being blown!) A few friends of mine with kids say this is the coolest thing ever and it truly makes the magic of Christmas come alive.

4. Santa's Digits

The ability to FaceTime Santa obviously comes with the need for Santa's number. Apparently he is more willing to give out his digits than a Kardashian. How cool is it to scroll through your contacts and there's "Santa Claus" listen right in between your bestie Sabrina and your cousin Susan.

5. Is Santa Real?

This question hurts my heart, but there are still Christmas doubters out there. Santa is part of the fun when it comes to Christmas. Besides, are you really going to trust the Internet to tell you whether or not he exists? This is the same platform that told us the world was going to end on December 12, 2012. It's also the same place that said Taylor Swift was moving to Shreveport, Louisiana.

BONUS: Santa Claus is Coming to Town

One more frequently asked question that involves Santa is the lyrics to "Santa Claus Coming to Town." This just goes to show you that even the most Christmas-y person out there can be singing the wrong lyrics to an old favorite.