The Chancellor of LSU Shreveport has issued a statement about reports you heard on KEEL and KTBS about a possible move of the LSUS campus to property surrounding the LSU Medical School near Kings Highway and Linwood.

Dr. Larry Clark says

This report understandably raised concerns among the LSUS community. President Tate is offering an idea, not a plan, to create an enhanced biomedical education complex. It is borne of his commitment to strengthening LSUS and LSUHS’s impact in Northwest Louisiana. Both campuses would continue to operate as independent universities, with no reduction of academic programs.

KEEL News has reached out to Dr. Tate for comment about this proposal. We did speak with State Senator Barry Milligan who says this discussion is in the very early stages and is only being talked about at this point. There is no proposed legislation or any money set aside to begin the process.

LSUS Chancellor Dr. Larry Clark Adds:

An undertaking of this scale would take a significant amount of due diligence, resource planning, and stakeholder commitment for it to even begin to move forward. The planning phase alone would take years. From this bold idea may follow alternative ideas, including ones for the significant enhancement of LSUS right here on our beautiful campus.

This proposed move still needs lots of work. The state would have to acquire land around the med center and put together a plan to design and start the process.

Dr. Clark says:

Most importantly, there will be no adverse changes now or in the near future at LSUS for our students, staff, or faculty. In contrast, we look forward to announcing some major new opportunities for LSUS resulting from significant legislative support and/or major advancement gifts. As Chancellor, I am excited about the potential benefits of bold ideas for the future of our region, but I want to reiterate that currently these are only ideas. I welcome any thoughts or comments that you may have.

Shreveport residents have been outspoken about this idea. Many are opposed to abandoning the existing campus for a move to what some claim is a more dangerous part of town.

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