Tubular Bells is an album by Mike Oldfield, an English musician. The name itself may be unfamiliar to some, but the fact that legendary horror movie "The Exorcist" used the opening piano solo on its soundtrack means it's something most people recognize.

Enter YouTuber 331Erock, a musician who posts metal covers of pretty much anything, and you get a heavy melody that really rocks.

He shreds the guitar, producing fast and metallic chords that enhance the creepy soundtrack from the movie.

Covering songs from movies, video games, and anything in between, 331Erock is a master when it comes to shredding on the guitar. Taking slow rhythms and creating heavy metal covers is his bread and butter, and we are thankful for that.

The best part is he has fun in his videos, and his passion and love of playing the guitar is obvious the moment his fingers hit the frets.