A Facebook follower replied to a post we made the other day with something like, "The 80's was the worst decade of music ever--it sucked!"  Really?  After all, this is the decade that gave us monumental albums like Purple Rain, The Joshua Tree, 1984, Let's Dance, Synchronicity, Moving Pictures, Kill 'Em All, Born In The U.S.A., Back In Black, and of course, Thriller.  These albums were so huge that you know who recorded them without even being told.

But, hey, as they say, "There's no accounting for taste."  So, if you wanna hate on the 80's, be my guest.  But there's a band coming to Bossier City that I believe will have you lovin' the 80's, if only for a few hours.

The Molly Ringwalds perform live inside The Paradise Theater at Margaritaville on Friday, May 26th. Originally from Sheffield, England, and now based in New Orleans, this quintet plays everything from Devo, to Duran Duran, to Twisted Sister.  The 80's was the era of excess, and out of it came some of the most excessively high-energy music ever recorded.  The Molly Ringwalds succeed in capturing the essence of the wide variety of music from that decade, and they will succeed in giving you the perfect party with which to kick off your Memorial Day Weekend.

So, you don't think you like 80's music?  Go see The Molly Ringwalds.  I can't guarantee you'll be converted to a true believer, but I can guarantee you'll have a great time.

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