If you didn't watch the Royal Rumble last night, HOLY HELL WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE? It was the best PPV since last year's Wrestlemania. AJ Styles made his big debut. We got a new champ in Triple H. Owens and Ambrose put on an amazing performance. Aside from the botch fest that was Kalisto v Del Rio and the camera work, the show was flawless.

And the most exciting thing about last night is that is sets up an EPIC WrestleMania, which will taking place down the road at Cowboy's Stadium (we'll be hooking you up with tickets for that soon.) I'm sure we'll get a clearer picture of what will happen after tonight. But, I got a few predictions of what I think is going to happen at Mania. Mark these down and when they come true...you're welcome.

Main Event: HHH vs Roman Reigns vs Finn Balor

Ok, so here is my thoughts. HHH can't carry the title for long. We know that. We also know wrestling fans everywhere has rejected Roman as the 'chosen one'. So, I see the Balor/Bullet club make their debut in coming weeks as a Shield type group that is out for destruction. Finn works his way into the Main event. For the finish, we discover Balor and BC are the Authorities hit squad and together they destroy Roman. Balor picks up title and all is right with the world.

Co-Main Event: Taker/Lesnar/Kane/Daniel Bryan vs Wyatt Family

We know Lesnar is going to go toe to toe with Bray. We also know that Taker needs a Mania match and he has history with both parties. Behind the scenes, him and Lesnar are good friends. Plus, Daniel Bryan has been cleared by another doctor to return to the ring, so he's not going to stay sidelined for much longer. So, to limit the damage to both Taker and Bryan, you pair Team Hell No with Taker and Lesnar and have them duke it out with the Wyatts. This works well because you limit damage to Bryan and Taker, which mean when they are active they can go balls out. Taker gets his big send off at home. Plus, you know the build up for something like this would just be AWESOME!

IC Title Match: Dean Ambrose vs Kevin Owens vs AJ Styles vs Sami Zayn Ladder Match

All of these guys have history together going back to their pre-WWE days. They all work well together. They're all rising stars in the company. It'll be an amazing match. And people will lose their minds when AJ scores his first WWE championship.

Divas Title Match: Sasha Banks vs Bailey

The story lines with Charlotte, Becky Lynch and Paige are getting OLD. Paige is still in concussion protocol. So, to make the Divas interesting again, you strap up Sasha at FastLane. Then for Mania, you move up Bailey who has worked extensively with Sasha in NXT. In fact, their last woman standing match was epic. You do that match on the biggest stage of them all...you can't lose.

US Title Match: Alberto Del Rio vs John Cena

I think John Cena will be ready for competition by Mania. A lot of folks say he's still going to be too hurt to go, but I think he'll be good to go. There is NO way Kalisto stays champ for the next 69 days. So, the only way to make the US title interesting with Del Rio in the picture is to have him face off against Cena. Now, if Cena can't go...then who knows what will happen. I'd bet they move Baron Corbin or one of the NXT guys up to take over.

Tag Title Match: Dudley Boyz vs New Day vs Usos in TLC Match

The Dudleyz have been jobbing for the past couple of months. But, in my heart of hearts, I don't think there is any way that those guys came back just to job. So, I think over the next couple of months, they get back into the title picture which will culminate in a 3 way TLC tag match ala the olden days with the Dudleyz, Hardy Boys and Edge & Christian. And, of course, the Dudleyz bring home the gold.




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