First of all let me in on a little game we are playing. Chances are you're reading this article as a result of a Facebook post. After you get done reading this narrative jump over to Facebook and see how many people made comments without reading the story. They'll be the ones that are calling me a sexist pig. I am sure pigs everywhere would consider it an insult if I was compared to them.

My issue with the available option for Louisiana hunters to choose Blaze Pink hunting attire in addition to the very familiar orange hunting attire is this. There have been actual people in our government who have suggested that "the pink color will encourage more women to go hunting." Wow, that is a blatant sexist statement.

Based on that reasoning if an auto dealer wanted to sell more cars they would offer pink as an option. As far as I know the only pink cars on the road belong to people who know how to sell makeup.

It's another case of unintentional sexism. I am sure the lawmakers who uttered or agreed with that statement didn't mean women are motivated by pretty colors and shiny things. I think they meant that many people might like the option of pink over orange. Personally I think the pink is easier to see in the woods.

I know this issue isn't really going to make our  country fall apart or keep the country from winning the war on drugs. It's just another case where a young impressionable female might hear a statement and think she has to act in a certain way and like certain things to be considered right in her behavior.

I know a lot of women who hunt. They have been wearing orange for years. They hunt because they love the outdoors not because their ensemble can now match a gender assigned color. If you like hunting I encourage you to wear pink or orange and be safe in the woods. Don't fall into the trap of saying certain things are for boys and certain things are for girls. When it comes to the power of the mind and the ability to use it we should all be color blind and keep our eyes above the waistline.