I for one have never found watching TV to be dangerous. Unless you are watching TV in the middle of four lanes of oncoming traffic. Most of us don't do that and I only tried it once.  All kidding aside there is actually a danger in watching certain television shows and in particular one television network.

Are you aware of the risk you take when watching The Food Network? To be transparent I love to cook and I love sharing cooking ideas like the great recipes we feature on Foodie Friday. However watching The Food Network can kill you.

Alright to be more clear the act of watching won't kill you but did you know that people, particularly women, who watch The Food Network and recreate recipes that they see on the shows put themselves at a unique health risk?

A study shows that the average woman who watches and recreates recipes seen on The Food Network is 11 pounds heavier than the woman who just watches the  shows. Why is that?

Many of the featured recipes on The Food Network and other cooking shows are often high calorie, high fat, not intended for everyday recipes. The food does look good. I am sure it tastes good too. However, everything in moderation is the rule that we should always follow.

On an editorial note, this is not meant to disparage or besmirch The Food Network or any of it's incredibly imaginative chef's and culinary artists. It's simply a reminder that too much of any good thing will eventually turn into a bad thing.  Now melt me a cup of butter and give me a straw.

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