Do you ever feel like you've stepped into an alternate universe?  Where the laws of thermodynamics just don't apply?

Well, that world for me is Hollywood.  There are some freaky people livin' out on the west coast.  Two of the freakiest are Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.  Never mind the fact that they're such an odd couple--as in "How'd these two ever hook up?"--but they both are just plain weird.

I just heard about the Vampire Facial that Kardashian swears by.  If you want to have perfect facial skin, take several ounces of blood out of your arm then place the vials in a centrifuge until the plasma separates.  Then inject the plasma in your face, which will immediately cause your face to bleed profusely.  This, in turn, is supposed to tighten the skin and erase all the blemishes and scars from your face so that it looks peachy keen.

Now there's a doctor that says this same treatment can be applied to a different area of a woman's body that will give her guaranteed orgasms.  It's called the O-Shot. (After you hear how it's administered you might want to change one of the vowels.)

In an article on the New York Post's website, the doctor who created the Dracula Facial describes how the O-Shot was conceived. (Pardon the pun.) In 2011 his girlfriend asked him if he would inject her nether regions to see if it would have the same tightening effect.  Seems it worked so well, that the doctor now guarantees the treatment's effectiveness.  It's so popular that there are now 300 doctors around the world who administer it.

The cost?  The O-Shot will run you around $1500, but it's effective for up to 18 months.


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