The wedding ring. It's a simple symbol of an unending commitment. The engagement ring. It's an expensive fashion statement that men are guilted into purchasing. To cynical? Yeah probably so.

You'll have to forgive me but it's not about "sentiment" when the woman takes what the man gives her back to the jewelry store to get a totally different setting. Or, she takes the man to the jewelry store and tells him exactly what to purchase. This is simply someone asking another someone to purchase for them a fashion accessory.

The latest trend in wedding tradition is to get wedding ring or engagement ring tattoos. I can see why this is actually a better sentiment when it comes to expressing a committed relationship. Tattoos can't be taken off, they can't get lost, you won't drop them down the sink, and they cost a heck of a lot less.

The average engagement ring will set you back about $4,700 bucks. That's a lot of money to spend on something that could later be used as a pawn in a divorce settlement. That fact does bring to mind one flaw in the tattoo instead of a ring way of thinking.

Should the relationship fail there is that constant reminder on your left hand that you chose poorly. Of course, a good divorce attorney could arrange to have your spouse's finger removed so you can keep it in a jar as a daily reminder of just how miserable they made you.

Then again today's tattoo artists can quickly cover or rework almost any ink and give it a whole new purpose. So you wouldn't be stuck thinking of your ex every time you reached for your food at a drive-through restaurant. That is assuming your attorney was able to get you enough money to continue eating after the divorce.

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