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A non-profit ministry is preparing to do something that has never been born before, and they've chosen our very own Shreveport Regional Airport as ground zero.  Judah 1, touted as the world's first and only Christian airline, is set to launch in a very big way in 2021.

Currently, the fledgling air carrier is a private company that ferries missionaries to their destinations around the world.  Starting next year, the airline plans to take it to the next level.  According to the report from Christian Post, Judah 1 is expecting to receive an official Federal Aviation Administration certification.  Once that happens, they will be rubbing shoulders with the giants in the airline business like American and Delta.

Once that certification hurdle is passed, it will clear the way for Judah 1 to acquire more and bigger aircraft capable of transporting a greater number of people and cargo to even more destinations.  In a recent interview, Judah 1 President and CEO Everett Aaron told the Christian Post that the airline plans to buy and press into service 3 or 4 more large planes like the Boeing 767-200ER they just acquired (by far the largest in their fleet).  That plane has the ability to carry 238 people anywhere in the world with one-stop, and can tote up to 30 tons of cargo as well.

Judah 1 plans to charge missionaries minimal airfare for flights, but will reportedly waive all fees including baggage and cargo charges.  Even though the airline will most likely officially launch during a pandemic, company officials say they're ready.  Policies and procedures are in place to limit the spread of COVID-19 (including the full and thorough disinfection of each plane after every flight.  Because they are the only airline for missionaries, Judah 1 will also be able to fly to countries that currently don't allow commercial flights from America.

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