Last year, the US Air Force updated their long term plan for the current and next-gen crop of bombers.  The plan, referred to as the "bomber vector," laid out the timeline for phasing out the aging fleet B-1B and B2 (stealth) models and phasing in the new, advanced bombers to keep the US's air ability at the bleeding edge of tech.  The last gen planes are slated to be replaced by the ultra-high tech B-21 Raider.  The Raider promises to deliver stealthy operation and increased range, payload, and survivability over current systems.

What about the venerated B-52 that flies out of Barksdale AFB?  The Air Force plans on keeping it in active service along side the Raider through at least 2050, due to the fact that the veteran bomber can be upgraded with more advanced weaponry and avionics almost indefinitely.  The backbone of our bomber fleet may celebrate it's 100th birthday while still in service!  According to The Drive, the Air Force is considering laser systems, active missile defense systems, and stand off jamming systems for the venerated old bird in order to make them viable for service for years to come.

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