The secret about is out our pregnancy.  Last week, we spilled the beans about our perfect little girl's impending arrival in March of next year - and we couldn't be happier! We are, however, starting to experience the down side to being pregnant in public.  The situation that really kicked it off was my aunt rushing up to rub all over Tracy's belly because she "loves pregnant bellies."  The thing is, not only does Tracy hate that - pretty much every expectant mother hates it.  That is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to pregnancy faux pas.

We put the question to you this morning, and you made it known that my wife is not alone.  Calls poured in about what you shouldn't do, and I've compiled a list to keep you from getting knocked out by woman eating pickles and ice cream in public.

1. Unless you have explicit consent - never rub a pregnant woman's belly

2. Don't assume someone is expecting.  Just don't.

3. Take it easy on the advice.  A little is expected, but don't act like your selling the product or technique.

4. If you don't like a name that the couple has picked out, keep it to yourself.  Asking "Is that a family name?" - is not suggested.

5. Don't ask if the lady in question if she is having multiples.

6. Don't ask if she knows who the father is.  Even if you know, and it seems like an obvious joke.

7. Don't argue with her.  Ever.

There are many more pitfalls when it comes to acceptable behavior around the expecting, so proceed with caution.  Just remember, she will have a very plausible defense if she kills you for what you say.


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