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I love history - and, boy does Louisiana have a lot of it!  It seems like everywhere you turn in this state, there's another prime example of years gone by.  It's really no surprise when you consider that 10 flags have flown over our great state, and the mixing of all of those cultures can be plainly seen in our people, food, and most especially our architecture.

One of the more notable examples of this history can be found in Thibodaux in the form of an old General Store.  What makes this property unique is that it has not only been transformed into an incredible house, you could totally buy it!  I hope you have good credit and one heck of a down payment, as this piece of Louisiana's past will set you back a cool $729,900!

If you just look at the details, you may not think that this store-turned-domicile is worth more than three quarters of a million dollars.  It's listed on Realtor.com as a 4 bedroom, 3 bath house that clocks in at a modest (for the price) 8,762 square feet.  It sits on a mere .39 acre lot, but it does have waterfront access to Bayou LaFourche!

What you are really paying for is the surreal feeling of traveling through time in an honest to goodness historical artifact!  Let's take a look around, then maybe you'll get the inclination to give your bank a ring to start the paperwork on your new home/museum!

Here's the link from Realtor.com you can send to your financial people!

This 1928 Louisiana General Store is Now a $700k+ House For Sale

This beautiful Louisiana house started life as a General Store way back in 1928! Fully transformed, this incredible homestead is on the market for a cool $729,900!

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