Insane asylums have been filled to the brim with folks who claim to be time travelers for as long as they have existed.  Even before the advent of the lie detector test, finding the flaws in their fantasy was relatively simple to do.  Ask them to make a prediction, then see if it comes true. Now, one such curious case has taken a surprising turn - the time traveler in question has passed a lie detector test.

If you think about it - a smart time traveler would keep their mouth shut about where they came from, make a few smart investments, bet on a sporting events, and live a life in the lap of luxury here in this primitive (relatively) time period.  The moment you tell folks that you are from the year 3017 is the same moment they start fitting you for a straight jacket.

That brings us to the curious case of "Noah."  He claims that he risked his life to travel through time from the year 2030 to tell us what the future has in store for us.  Just like every other man from the future he has made predictions about the near future, but nothing before the year 2020.  That's when he says Donald Trump will win the election and secure a second term as the President of the United States.  That one is 50/50.  He goes on to claim that phones will get bigger, electric cars will travel 600 mph autonomously, and humans will land on Mars in the year 2028.  That's also the year that time travel will be made public knowledge.  Even though most of his predictions are already on the horizon and most likely going to come true - the claim that he is from the future is sure to send him to a padded suite at the nearest home for the mentally disturbed, right?  Not so fast there McFly.

According to the Mirror, Noah agreed to take a lie detector test, and did not fail.  That's right, they are claiming that when faced with the question "Are you an actual time traveller from the year 2030?" Noah answers "Yes" and the machine indicates that this is truthful.  Below is the video of the test posted by Apex TV.  I have a couple of issues with the video, but judge for yourself - is this a case for the Men in Black, or the Men in White?

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