This year's World Of Wheels event is going to be XTREME...ok, that was a little joke for fans of one of the most exciting tag teams in pro wrestling history, the Hardy Boyz.

When the Hardy Boyz were at their peak, they were often referred to as Team Xtreme because of their death-defying moves, hits, and bumps during no-rules type matches. Tables, Ladders, and Chair matches became their forte. Between all of his tag team efforts, at the highest levels of pro wrestling, Matt Hardy has won 9 Tag Team Championships.

But it's not just tag team success Hardy is known for. He has held 3 World Championships between ECW and TNA. In fact, he currently holds the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

You can meet Matt Hardy in just a few weeks, when he visits World Of Wheels at the Shreveport Convention Center on February 20th.

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