I was driving on 3132 this past Saturday afternoon, returning from a live broadcast at Premier Homes on Mansfield Road, when I encountered a funeral procession coming down the eastbound side.  As a sign of respect, a number of cars in front of me immediately slowed down and pulled to the shoulder, so I followed suit.  However, other drivers behind me continued on their way.  As I was slowing down I was cringing at the thought of getting rear-ended the first time I drove the 99X SUV.  So, I decided to do a little investigating and discovered that in Louisiana funeral processions are afforded the right of way, but can be passed on the left on a multiple lane highway.  There is absolutely no responsibility to yield on the part of drivers traveling in the opposite direction; in fact, law enforcement advises against it because of the potential for rear-end collisions.  So the next time I pass a funeral procession, I think I'll tip my cap and mosey on.

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