I'd be a little embarrassed to put some of these on an envelope.

With voting yesterday, I found myself in a part of town I'm not particularly comfortable with. When you're in those situations, you are more aware of the streets you are turning on. After turning on a few, I realized that there is something to this. Every city has those weird street names that don't make sense, are named after someone you've never heard of, and of course, make you giggle.

Imagine trying to give one of these out as an address.

Al Bourland

In my house growing up the show Home Improvement was a staple. Anyone else who is familiar with the show is also familiar with the character Al Borland. I know this street is spelled differently, but saying it out loud still makes me chuckle... What time is it? Tool Time!


Sure, it could be used to reference a fruit species or even an American artist, but I use it to describe someone who is particularly sour. "Don't be such a crabapple"... Almost like a Grinch.

Dizzy Dean

I don't know who Dean is, but I'm willing to bet he knows how to party! I like to daydream about this ficticious character. Perhaps he is someone who doesn't know Mardi Gras has an expiration date. Maybe he took too many twirls on one of the rides at the fair. Any way you imagine it, Dizzy Dean brings a smile to your face.


Come on. You can't say that word out loud without snickering.

Ice Cream

Wait. Hold up. You live where? How many times would you have to repeat yourself while applying for a credit card or verifying your address. I've been told though, that those who live on Ice Cream are the sweetest people you will meet. You'll just want to scoop them up and give them a big hug!

New Sensation

Sorry about your old sensation, but by golly it's 2016 and the new sensation is here to stay!


... Now if it were a polewoman, we'd be in the middle of a nasty lawsuit.

Soda Fountain

Sweet heavens, please tell me this street is perpendicular to Ice Cream. Imagine what wonderland that corner would be. "At the corner of Ice Cream and Soda Fountain... Or as we lovingly call it, Float Corner!" What would you ever have to be upset about if you lived on Float Corner (I told you, I'm a daydreamer).


I'm not entirely sure why this street is funny to me. Probably because I've never had a suntan. Nope. I go from pale to burnt in 60 seconds or less.

Winged Foot

This sounds like something straight out of Greek mythology, which could be really cool. However, I can hear myself saying "No ma'am, that's Wiinnggg-duh Foot. Like, a foot with wings, but past tense."

Of course there are plenty of other streets that are worthy to be on this list. Heck, this is just Shreveport. We haven't even gotten to Bossier, Haughton or beyond. If you've got a funny one, leave it in the comments section below.