For those that watch a lot of food based television, you always see Food Challenges. Can a person eat a 10 lb steak in 20 minutes...just all kinds of crazy stuff. Well, it turns out, that we have several food challenges right here in our own back yard. Take a look at the list and prepare to bust your gut.

Fully Stacked

Fully Stacked has what they have dubbed the 'Patty Record' challenge. Basically, the record holder sets the number of patties on the burger until a challenger can knock it down. Its been a while since I've been to FS, but last time I checked I think the Patty count was up to 16. Good luck bringing that record down.

Sue's Country Kitchen

If you don't know about Sue's, you haven't been drunk in Bossier in the past decade. The 24 hour, down home kitchen is also home to the Country Kitchen Challenge. Basically, they load you with all sort of breakfast food and if you can finish it in 60 minutes or less, your bill is on the house.

Habacu's Mexican Restaurant

Not only is Habacu's home to some pretty awesome Mexican grub but it is also home of the Grande Burrito Challenge. If you can finish one of their massive burritos in under 30 minutes you get a bevy of awesome prizes including a gift card and t shirt.