Sure we speak English in the SBC, but just like everything else here - we spice it up our own way.  I've distilled some of our unique phrases down to the top 5 (in my humble opinion).  Here they are in no particular order:

Chewbacca Mom Mask Halloween Costume

5. Howsyamommaanem?  This is a very SBC way to say "Hi, How is your family?"


4. Gonna go make groceries  If you are going grocery shopping in the Ratchet City or the 71111 you are "gonna go make groceries"

Keith Bell, ThinkStock
Keith Bell, ThinkStock

3. Where y’at?  Looking for someone in the North-Western corner of the Sugar State, text them this message


2. Slap ya’ momma  Not necessarily a SBC thing (prevalent all over the South), but certainly used here to describe something that gooder than good.  Please don't take this literally.

Indianapolis Colts v New Orleans Saints
Getty Images

1.  Who Dat?!  We've got the Saints to thank for this one, so this is really a Louisiana and an "anywhere a Saints fan is" saying.  I love this one because you can use the saying in a number of ways.  Originally, it was used to ask who could beat "Dem Saints" - but you can use it to celebrate a personal victory:

Boss: "Congratulations, you are now our new Vice-president"

You to all of your co-workers: "Who Dat?!"

Or to find out who is talking bad about you:

Co-workers: "A little bird told me that you just got in trouble for spending company money on Star-Wars coffee mugs and Twizzlers"

You (nervously): "Who Dat?!"

Don't worry, you'll find your own way to use it.



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