Shreveport is an old city, and one of the things that comes along with being an old city are old ghost stories.


But when you research some of the spooky spots in Shreveport, it actually doesn't sound like there's much to it. Sure, there are some real scary looking places, and there's some evidence to support some of the claims.

But the biggest thing I noted when putting this together was that a lot of the haunted locations had unsubstantiated claims tied to them in an effort to make them seem more frightening than they are.

I understand that most haunted places have legends that surround them, but these don't appear to be legends, just false history. For example, the story that surrounds the Ellerbe Road School.

As the story goes, some students and a janitor went missing, never to be found. Parents of the school forced it to close after that in an attempt to forget.

However, the real history is that is was opened in the 1950s as George Washington Carver High School, and was closed in the 70s because of low student population. It was then purchased by Baptist Christian College in 1981, but that only lasted until 1985. Since that point, it's been closed down and vacant.

No missing students, no forced closing by parents, nothing of the sorts.

Do all of the Shreveport hauntings have this kind of loose legend attached to it? No. But does the lacking story behind the Ellerbe Road School make it any less creepy? Hell no. It still makes the list, too. Check out these haunted Shreveport locations:

Haunted Location #5 - Ellerbe Road School

We've covered the school's legend already. But there is another story suggesting that some kind of dark rituals may have been performed on the grounds in the past, which does add to the spooky level.


Haunted Location #4 - Chicago Club Downtown

Sure, old building, lots of people coming in and out over the years, plenty of space for some haunting stories. But even without piles and piles of stories, the Chicago Club has some video to stir the pot. Check this one out:


Haunted Location #3 - The Pea Farm

The Pea Farm has as much haunted substance to it as any of the locations around town. It has the scary look, age, and it's the former location of a prison... All good stuff for a haunting. There are plenty of stories about moans being heard on location as well.


Haunted Location #2 - The Caddo Parish Courthouse

Anytime you have a national paranormal investigation show do an episode on your location, there's something there. The show "Ghost Hunters" did a double-dip in Shreveport: one half at the Rendall Building, and one at the Courthouse. The investigation at the Rendall Building didn't turn up much, even in the history department, but the courthouse investigation was much more interesting:


Haunted Location #1 - The Municipal Auditorium

Most people from the Shreveport area could have probably predicted this as no. 1 when they saw the title of the post. There's history, beauty, and most important, stories. The stories range from helpful, to scary, and everything in between. Oh, and it helps that some of the "ghosts" that roam the building, are probably some of the most famous ghosts ever.


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