Let's blame the continued popularity of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for why pizza is so popular. Even if they're not 100% responsible for it, there's really no arguing that the Turtles have influenced our pizza eating prowess.

How many times have you heard someone tell you they could eat pizza every day? You know you have at least one friend who loves the saucy dish enough that they'd eat it at least once a day.

Pizza has to be one of the most accessible "fast" food options in the United States. Multiple major brands have built big business delivering pizza straight to your door, and are represented in nearly every market in the US. On top of that, most cities offer their own local options for pizza. That means there's enough pizza business to support the nation brands, and local spots.

We haven't even started talking about the freezer section in grocery stores. On top of all the pizza you can have brought to your door, there are countless pizza options in every grocery store freezer that you can take home and bake yourself.

This all just goes to show how much we love pizza.

In Bossier City, you have a lot of pizza options. From national chains to regional chains, and local places making their own pizza concoctions. But who ranks the highest?

Before we get into the ratings, let's focus on the fact that sometimes you're just in the move for specific types of pizza. Some national brands have their own type of pizza that isn't like anyone else's. Then there are local places who focus on things like "brick oven" pizza, or "deep dish" options. So it really matters what YOU are feeling, not just the ratings.

But since we're looking at the ratings, lets finish it up. Here are the highest rated pizza places in Bossier City based on Google Reviews:

Top Rated Pizza Places In Bossier City On Google Reviews

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