Toto has released the previously unheard track “Devil’s Tower,” which was written alongside anthem “Africa” in 1981 and had been planned for inclusion on the 1982 album Toto IV.

The song now appears in limited-edition box set All In, which will only be available via the band’s website. Among the set of discs is an album titled Old Is New, carrying six more unreleased tracks in a remastered form.

You can listen to “Devil’s Tower” below:

While the instrumental tracks were laid down in the early ‘80s, the vocal track was added by Joseph Williams, who first took over as frontman in 1986. “We originally recorded this track with Mike and Jeff Porcaro back in 1981 during the sessions for Toto IV,” guitarist Steve Lukather said in a statement. “We never recorded a lead vocal or had lyrics for this one, so Joseph finished it up for us.”

Lukather recently published his memoir, The Gospel According to Luke, and later explained that he’d tried to avoid controversy for its own sake in the book. “More than throwing people under the bus that deserve to be thrown under the bus, I took the high road, for the most part," he said. "There's a few people that get a nudge, but they deserved that. I tried to be cool and I tried to avoid lawsuits, and that's a very important thing in my life. I'm sick of fucking lawsuits, all right?"

Toto enjoyed a resurgence in recent months after trading cover versions with Weezer, who’d covered “Africa” and received a version of their “Hash Pipe” in response.

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