The Dallas Cowboys appear to be a team that a lot of people want to see in 2019. The NFL has given them 5 prime time game slots, including a Monday Night Football date with the New York Giants in November.

But the league also appears to want the Cowboys to get in front of some of the league's biggest home crowds. Because Dak Prescott and the Cowboys will be hitting the road for some major games in 2019. They have away dates in New Orleans, New England, Chicago, and Detroit. Add that to hostile division games on the road in New York (where they'll actually have to play twice in four weeks, since they visit the Jets in week 6, and the Giants in week 9), Philadelphia, and Washington, and you've got a rough road schedule.

Here's a look at the full schedule:

It will be a tough finish to the season for the Cowboys as well, with the last four weeks containing (in order) the Bears on the road on Thursday Night Football, the Rams at home, the Eagles on the road, and Washington at home to end the season.

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