Hurricane Matthew will be garnering all the headlines over the next several days. That's to be expected as this is a life threatening storm. All of us here at the station are sending out our best thoughts and good wishes to those who have been affected or might be affected by this system.

There is another named tropical system in the Atlantic Basin too. This system has been given the name Nicole and it is classified as a tropical storm and should pose no worries to the United States mainland during the course of its lifetime.

There is also a third tropical entity in the Southern Atlantic that does bear monitoring. This tropical wave could move into the Caribbean Sea over the next five days. Currently forecasters with the National Hurricane Center do not give this system a very strong probability of becoming a tropical cyclone. The current prognostication is for a slight 20% probability of strengthening over the next five days.

The system is too disorganized to be picked up by any of the tropical tracking models and the hope is that the system will remain that way before dissipating completely. Still travelers headed to the Caribbean over the next week or so might want to remain weather conscious of this system.