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As you've no doubt probably heard, former President Donald Trump is expected to make a big announcement tonight at 8 pm CST from his club in Palm Beach. Many expect him to formally announce his intention to run for president, his third campaign, in 2024. He's been hinting about his candidacy for months, but yesterday, Monday, November 14, 2022, he posted, "Hopefully, tomorrow will turn out to be one of the most important days in the history of our Country!” With that being said, Trump fans will be ready to show their support! Here are several things I've found via Amazon for the Trump lover in your life!

Sorry, just thinking about Trump as the Terminator makes me laugh!

An update on a Trump classic!

I can see these on boats, homes, vehicles, you name it!

This could be fun for the Christmas tree!

For those that want to class it up with, 'Let's Go, Brandon!'

This garden flag is for the die-hard Trump supporter that wants you to know where they stand before you hit the front door.

I hope this is self explanatory...

This is utterly ridiculous, but I love it anyway!

This shirt is seriously funny!

And you never know, maybe he'll come back to Bossier City for another rally!

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