We all dream that someday it could be us.  That we would be the ones to hit the jackpot in the lottery.  We've imagined how we would spend all that money, or how we would march into the boss's office the next day and say, "I just won the lottery.  Buh-bye."  As of this past Saturday, there are two people who purchased tickets in Louisiana whose dreams have come true.

The winning ticket in Saturday's Powerball Match 5 Winners Power Play drawing was purchased at Taylor's Express on LA 3125 in Gramercy, Louisiana.  The owner of that ticket has won a whopping $2 million jackpot.

In Saturday's Louisiana Lotto drawing the winning numbers were 1, 16, 18, 29, 32, and 35.  The winning ticket was purchased in Des Allemands, Louisiana, and the holder of that ticket is now $650,000 richer.

When contacted by 710 KEEL News, the on-duty manager for Taylor's Express in Gramercy said his customers are abuzz with the news that a Power Play winning ticket was purchased in this small town just west of Lake Pontchartrain.

Coincidentally, Des Allemands is less than an hour's drive southeast from Gramercy.  Both towns are off the beaten path, so the owners of the winning tickets are more than likely local residents.

Now $2 million and $650,000 seem paltry when compared to the $758.7 million of this summer's Powerball jackpot.  But, I'm sure we could all think of ways we could put that money to good use.  It may not be tell-your-boss-to-go-jump-in-a-lake money, but it's close.



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