For once, can we focus on the good United Airlines is doing?

We are no stranger to deployments in the Ark-La-Tex. We know how scary, taxing and inconvenient (to say the least) they can be on a service member and their family. When a deployment ends, these men and women just want to get home. For one Texas Army National Guard officer, that proved to be a little more difficult than expected. KTBC-TV in Austin, Texas reported that 1st Lt John Rader was returning home to Kyle, Texas after nearly two years of being deployed in Afghanistan.

When boarding his flight in El Paso, Texas he learned his bag was over the weight limit.

United Airlines policy for military personnel is that they can check up to five bags, each weighing a maximum of 70 pounds, for free. Lt Rader's bag was over 70 pounds, filled with helmets, boots and a Kevlar vest. Without another bag to transfer some items to, he took the hit of a $200 overcharge fee.

A fee that is now being refunded.

In what is being called a goodwill gesture, United Airlines will be refunding the $200. The company made the announcement in a statement release on Thursday (May 18). I think we can all agree in saying "Bravo" to United and "Welcome Home" to Lt Rader.

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