A Dallas, Texas Neighborhood Woke Up to a Sign Claiming There Was a Buc-ee's Coming to Town.

The sign quickly went viral which caused Buc-ee's to have to come out and let everyone know that there were no plans to open up a Buc-ee's in the Highland Park area. Remember, this was shocking to residents because Highland Park is THE place to live. Highland park is where many celebrities and pro athletes live. If you haven't seen the hilarious story click here.

Michael Gibson / Townsquare Media
Michael Gibson / Townsquare Media

The Buc-ee's Trolling is Now Making Its Way to Our Neighborhood.

This time its the town of Vivian that got trolled and we are not okay

How Did the Town of Vivian Get Trolled?

First, we must remember that there are way too many satire pages. There is a satire page for Shreveport that never stops posting hilarious memes and statuses that stop us in our tracks because they are almost credible. So of course there is a satire page dedicated to the town of Vivian, Louisiana. It's called "Town of Vivian" and the page even has a legit city logo that makes the page look like it could be real.

A Photoshopped Picture Was Posted That Made it Look Like There Was a Buccee's Coming to NWLA.

The concerning part is there were so many people that were so excited and shared the post. I mean wouldn't something like a Buc-ee's opening up in Losuiaian be breaking news?

The post said "Congratulations Vivian! Louisiana’s first Buc-ee’s is coming to our town in 2023!" The post has over 1.5k shares.

Always Remember to Triple Check the Authenticity of a Facebook Page.

A simple google search can eliminate many of us from being so gullible.


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